Digital Traces

So, instead of starting a diary, I figured I would post records/logs of things I have written, drawn, or things I have done or experienced. This'll help me have a more accurate portrait of myself and allows me to see how much I've grown, changed, matured or even immatured over the years.

1st Entry - May 30, 2011, about 4:08 PM PST

One day (like today), I decided to search for RP logs of when I used to play a MUSH game called Hogwarts Express. I was surprised to find how many of those logs were still on the internet (they were logs posted by other players on the game and were fortunately still hosted online).

I played this game (Hogwarts Express) for a little over a year, from 2004 - 2005. The character I played on there was called Rose Huang (you can search for 'Rose' in the logs below to find the relevant paragraphs). Beware, though, some of those snippets are rather angsty (not in a bad emo way, but more in a clumsy Nickeledeon teen drama show way).

Here are the logs (note: the only parts that I wrote were the paragraphs with Rose in them. Everything else was written by the other players. These logs are all sort of like interactive works of literature whose outcome is determined by how each player's character reacts to another character):

I don't think any sane person would have the patience to read all of these logs (as each of them would take up like 20-30 pages), so for sanity's sake, just search for 'Rose'. The rest of it is just for reference.

2005-09-28 - Valentine's Day Madness -- (Some of the funniest parts in this log were written by Alec (search for 'Alec')).

Synopsis -
TITLE: Valentine's Day Madness
SETTING: Great Hall, lunchtime on Valentine's Day
STARRING: Val, Wize, Sabine, Roy, Alec, Carrington, Patrick, Sean, Rose, AND Peeves, of course. Can't forget Peeves. ;)
IF THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO YOU: Alec tried to slip a love potion to Roy and Val to make them fall in love with one another via Carrie's Valentine treats. This backfires tremendously, and hilarity ensues.

2005-09-26 - Hogwarts Riding Competition

TITLE: Hogwarts Riding Competition
STARRING: Auden, Starla, Sylvia, Rose, Georgia, Kyle, Alec (Alexander Neil Kavanagh the THIRD, fool!!)
SYNOPSIS: Participants have to ride a mechanical horse. They do, with varying results.

If I find more logs, I'll post them up here.