Projects / Source Code

Here I keep track on various projects I'm working on. This page will expand as I update it over time.

1. Chinese Flashcard Program in C
2. Unix-like Kernel


Currently working on my own kernel, but for now I'm taking a small break to focus on building sites instead. Here's the most up-to-date source code: kernel.tar.gz

Latest Update - June 5, 2010 at 5:59 PM

I'd almost gotten task switching implemented, until I realized I needed a malloc() function first. Since I don't want to use the in-built malloc() in the C libraries and would rather code my own, I'll have to take a small hiatus until I get the chance to write my own malloc().

And now that I'm back to messing with memory management stuff, I might as well implement paging, right? At the moment my kernel only supports segmentation, and not paging.

Chinese Learning Program

I made a small flashcard-like program to help memorize Chinese phrases and characters. It's not very well made, and it's rather buggy. If you'd like to work on it and add stuff on your own, however, you're free to do so.

Source code: chinese.c and header (required!).

In the header file is located the phrases used for the multiple-choice program. Just compile it like you normally would using gcc.